March 2016

Why Investors Love Health & Fitness Clubs

Why Investors Love Health & Fitness Clubs The fitness, sports and health club sector has been attractive to buyers and investors for a long time. As proof, valuation multiples for health and fitness clubs tend to be higher than for…

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Athletic & Sporting Goods Snap Shot

Athletic & Sporting Equipment Manufacturing Snap Shot There are roughly 1,052 companies in this sector that manufacture a range of sporting and athletic goods, including balls, bags, clubs, gloves, skates, protective equipment, boards, fishing gear and other supplies. These finished…

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Climbing Gym Industry Snapshot

climbing gym industry snap shot

Climbing Gym Industry Snapshot Indoor rock-climbing is a quietly expanding exercise industry that many believe is ripe for a CrossFit-like explosion. Climbing gyms boasted revenues of $151 million in 2014, up from $147 million in 2013, according to IBISWorld. That…

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Jim Bates to Present at TIA’s 2016 T.O.M. Conference

Jim Bates, a partner with Sports Club Advisors, will be presenting at the Tennis Industry Association’s 2016 T.O.M Conference in Miami, Florida on March 25th and hosting round table discussions with owners and managers of tennis clubs from around the…

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