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Resources & Links

The Value of Recapitalizations for Private, Member-Owned Golf Clubs

Private golf clubs have felt the pinch from changing demographics, on-going economic uncertainty, and increased competition. Over the last 15 years membership rosters have shrunk considerably. The majority of private clubs have fewer members today than a decade ago. Changing demographics, combined with fierce competition and changing lifestyles have made attracting and retaining members increasingly difficult.

As a result, for the majority of clubs, i.e., those with initiation fees of less than $100,000 and annual dues below $15,000, the member-owned business model may not be a good fit anymore.

To learn how your country club can:
• Become debt-free
• Fully fund all capital improvements
• Guarantee members there will never be any assessments
• Ensure members that dues and privileges will remain the same

Download this white paper on member equity recaps for private, member-owned country clubs.

The $10 Trillion Opportunity: Designing Successful Exit Strategies for Middle Market Business Owners, by Rich Jackim

The $10 Trillion Opportunity, written by Rich Jackim, co-founder of Sports Club Advisors, started a paradigm shift in the business broker and M&A world for small and medium size companies. The book makes the case that with the baby boomer generation approaching retirement age, it is more important than ever for business owners to develop a strategic exit plan for their business. Exit planning is a process that asks and answers all of the personal, business, financial, legal, estate and tax issues involved in selling or exiting from a privately held business.

Written for business advisors and other professionals, the $10 Trillion Opportunity is a logically structured book with a no-nonsense approach to exploring and addressing a topic that is often misunderstood and at times overwhelming for business owners and their advisors alike. The surge of interest this book created led to the creation of the Exit Planning Institute, which is now the leading exit planning organization in the world.

The $10 Trillion Opportunity is an essential primer for professional advisors and business owners trying to make sense of exit planning. Investment banker and former Wall Street attorney, Rich Jackim, has put together a thoroughly readable exploration of exit planning, why it is important and how to introduce exit planning into your professional practice. The $10 Trillion Opportunity includes twelve case studies, fifteen illustrations, a glossary, resource guide, bibliography and a detailed index.

Business Valuation For Dummies, by Jim Bates

Business Valuation For Dummies, co-authored by Jim Bates, a co-founder of Sports Club Advisors is filled with expert guidance that business owners and buyers can use when determining the value of a business. It contains a solid framework for valuation, including advice on analyzing historical performance, evaluating assets and income value, understanding a company’s financial statements, estimating the cost of capital, business valuation models, and how to apply those models to different types of businesses.

Want to determine the value of a business, but not sure where to start? This plain-English guide gives you step-by-step directions for the major valuation methods, supporting them with real-world examples. You’ll work with easy-to-understand valuation models and apply them to different types of businesses to achieve the fairest, most affordable valuation solution.

The book provides key valuation tools to help you understand valuation reports, financial statements, and “rule of thumb” guidelines for specific businesses.

It shows you how to analyze historical performance, evaluate assets and income value, and estimate cost of capital. If you’re selling a business, you’ll learn how to conduct due diligence and increase your company’s value. If you’re buying a business, you’ll learn how to use your valuation as necessary preparation that will help you be a more successful negotiator.